Photo of Ahlam Dukhanie

Ahlam Dukhanie

Ahlam has been nominated by Mussarat Rahman of BIASAN – Bradford Immigration and Asylum Support and Advice Network.

Mussarat says “I would like to nominate Ahlam Dukhanie, an Iraqi refugee who has settled in the UK, for an award.

She comes every week and helps out at BIASAN, and always sets up the room, helps out at the storage unit,  is part of the singing group, helps out in the kitchen and other places too.

Ahlam is one of Biasan’s key volunteers and helps out on the trips and residentials. She is a very responsible person and always helps when and where it is needed.”

Who has she helped?

“Ahlam has helped many people in her shoes, her walk of life, who are of refugee or asylum seeker background. It has made a big difference to other refugees and asylum seekers from countries abroad who have settled into UK life. There are many in need who are building a life and those who are looking to expand upon their skillsets. Ahlam is helping people reach out and learn about the value of  volunteering.”

What’s worked?

“For Ahlam, taking part in the volunteering has made a massive difference to her life. It has helped her meet new friends, move in new circles, and make a life for herself in the UK. She has also learnt new social skills and moved into new ways of living her life and she has been passing on these skills to others”

What has she learnt? Any challenges?

“That you cannot force learning or change, it comes naturally and have a desire to want to do something different.”

What’s next?

“Ahlam is currently studying at Bradford college and taking in new training in her life. She is learning new skills so that she can find employment and move onto another chapter of her life, looking for  suitable job which will be something she will enjoy.”

What advice, contacts or resources would help her?

“She’d love to hear about possible job opportunities.”

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