Photo of Sandy Arab

Sandy Arab

Sandy Arab has been nominated by Mussarat Rahman. Mussarat says “Sandy came through the UN gateway project from Syria, and was resettled in the UK.

She has been in the UK for three and a half years now and lives in Bradford. When Sandy arrived, she was unsettled in her life in the UK, as it was a big jump to come here and build a new life.

She has been a willing participant in the projects we have run at BIASAN (Bradford Integration and Asylum Supports and Refugee Network) and has made herself useful when we have been in need.

Sandy is one of two bakers that run Pistachio’s Foods – Syrian sweets and desserts. She has turned her life around and has set herself up professionally. ”

Who has she helped?

“It has inspired people in Sandy’s situation. People who have come from abroad and trying to fit into the UK and build a life. She has proved her dedication, inspiration and self determination in proving herself in her business and creating a new life for herself. I am very proud of Sandy and pleased to call her my friend. I hope she succeeds in her ventures.”

What’s worked?

“Her products are unique and she made her part of the world Syria, available for people to eat via Syrian sweets and delicacies. These have sold successfully as boxed sweets and treats. She is also looking to expand into Syrian foods and hosting.”

What has she learnt? Any challenges?

“Sandy has learnt perseverance and has learnt to be a go-getter. She has realised that to have an ambition is a good goal to strive for but you need to have passion to fulfil that too!”

What’s next?

“Sandy has aspirations to run her own business and also an eatery serving  Syrian Foods.”

What advice, contacts or resources would help you?

“Sandy is looking for contacts, advice, places and stalls to sell her goods, and marketing advice. Anything business-related that is free as her business is relatively new would help her.”

Why we’re sharing these stories

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