Photo of Nuzhat Maqsood

Nuzhat Maqsood

Volunteer Nuzhat Maqsood has nominated by Mussarat Rahman from Bradford Immigration & Asylum Support & Advice Network (BIASAN). It’s an invaluable support network for asylum seekers and refugees in Bradford.

Mussarat says “Nuzhat has been coming to BIASAN for three and a half years. She has made herself very useful in taking over and running the food parcels area for BIASAN women’s club.

Nuzhat is a asylum seeker herself and understands about food poverty and how it effects people with families, including her own.

She has been involved with BIASAN on different areas but she felt her skills were best suited in this department, having experienced poverty first-hand.”

Who has she helped?

“Nuzhat is one of a team of volunteers who have taken over the food parcels area for BIASAN and make sure that there is equal distribution of the food bags and make sure people receive a bag of fresh foods with dried foods.

This is massively important as every week at BIASAN, we distribute at least 50 food parcels alone just for the women and children’s group.  This is massively important if you destitute, as you don’t know when you will receive your next meal.”

What’s worked?

“The food parcels are key to the functioning of BIASAN as a group. The food is needed if you are destitute and have no means to public recourse. You cannot survive without food.  This is massively successful.”

What have you learnt? Any challenges?

“Nuzhat has learnt to be diplomatic concerning distribution of the food parcels as many people are in need and delegating is a skill needed when dealing with hungry people!”

What’s next?

“Nuzhat is happy to continue in this role at Biasan and hopes for the future, that herself and family will receive leave to remain in the UK.”

What advice, contacts or resources would help you?

“She’d love help with her personal situation.”

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