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Julia Leech

Julia says “I have been part of BIASAN, the Bradford Immigration & Asylum Support & Advice Network, for about five years now.

I am part of the Zephaniah Trust team. It’s a Christian charity which specialises in schools work and which works across schools and communities in Bradford.

My foray into working with BIASAN came through my role as a keyworker for the Zephaniah Trust.

I have stayed and made myself useful by helping set up and manage the children’s area with other colleagues.

I have engaged within this capacity across communities and cultures as I think  is very beneficial and very needed.”

Who have you helped?

“My role within this organisation has helped the women and children have space to communicate and connect and indulge in art and other activities. My role sometimes leads me into other issues that need attention, which I can then signpost to relevant agencies.”

What’s worked?

“My approach is to be open and I have a gentle nature which works well with the communities, particularly destitute communities. I know that they are struggling and already in need so I don’t want to exacerbate their problems. ”

What have you learnt? Any challenges?

“I have learnt a myriad of things, aspects connected to working with marginalised communities, particularly with families and women. This has opened up my eyes to what women have to face as outsiders into the UK, but also in the district.  This has changed my way of delivery, and how I can be advocate for change, for women and children in need.”

What’s next?

“I am open to new challenges that will come my way.”

What advice, contacts or resources would help you?

“I am always looking for new connections and those willing to offer their time, services to those in need. It would be good to make more contacts interested in helping out in regards to social problems.”

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