IWC marks Global Sharing Week with Online Summit

IWC Global Sharing Week cover

To mark Global Sharing Week (16-22 June, 2019) we’re hosting an online summit on 18th June. Your co-hosts, IWC Founder Anj Handa and member Annie Moon invite you to join the chat.

We’ll be asking you ‘What do you share?’ and ‘How can others help you to share?’

IWC members will be invited onto the video conversation but all are welcome to join in via the chat. Whatever your gender and wherever you are based in the world, join the conversation!

Click here to join the Inspiring Women Changemakers Chat

What’s it all about?

Global Sharing Week is an annual celebration and it’s the largest worldwide mass engagement campaign on Sharing and the Sharing Economy. It’s a great way to promote good work. Ours is one of over 300 sharing events worldwide, which you can view >>on the global map<<. 

Created by The People who Share alongside founding partner, Shareable, Global Sharing Week was set up to shine a spotlight on the growing Sharing Economy. Since it was founded, it’s reached over 100 million people worldwide!

Collectively, we are spreading the word about how Sharing can transform society and change lives by highlighting the importance of community, citizenship, poverty alleviation, inclusion and by looking after our planet.

Generation Share

Benita Matofska is the Founder of People who Share, the organisation behind Global Sharing Week. She’s also the author of Generation Share, a visual storybook and the largest collection of changemaker stories, which she compiled with photographer Sophie Sheinwald. The book launches on June 17th during Global Sharing Week.

With 200 changemaker entrepreneur stories, the book includes the work of IWC Founder, Anj Handa and member Liz Wright. Anj will be speaking at Waterstones in Leeds as part of the world tour which includes 26 cities from Leeds to Lisbon, New York and Tokyo. It will take place on 18th July at 7 pm. Register >>here<< for the Leeds event.

P.S. If you’re joining us online, remember to use the hashtags GlobalSharingWeek and WmnChangemakers

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