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Chloe Reains

“I am 19 and I been a young carer since the age of 8. I looked after my mum who had bipolar disorder and then cancer when I was 15. I also helped look after my nephew who has life-limiting conditions (spina bifida and hydrocephalus).

This included basic care needs, preparing meals, cleaning, attending appointments, and sorting out medication. Alongside this, I studied full time and managed to achieve all GCSEs to a C. I recently completed my health and social care course at college with an A grade.

My mum passed away in October 2018. From then, I decided that I wanted to help children access support needed due to the experiences I had growing up. I would love to help people who may have been in similar positions.

I want to look after people like how they did with my Mum.”

What’s worked?

I wouldn’t have achieved what I had without the support of Willows Young Carers (5-17) and Carers Leeds (18+).

Who have you helped?

“It would help other people who were like me. When going into employment as a teaching assistant, I have that experience to help people and the motivation to support individuals with various needs to help them achieve their goals.”

What have you learned/any challenges?

“I have learnt that there are many challenges that can be thrown at you and that you can make through it. When I look back though everything, I wouldn’t expect to be where I am right now.”

What’s next?

“I started as a teaching assistant in September and then in the future I am going to work within the NHS as an Apprentice Clinical Support Worker and work my way up to a nurse. This would help give back to all the support I have been given and help people who may be in similar positions. My other mission to make sure carers get the support they need and know what is available to them.”

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