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Inspiring Women Changemakers

Connect with changemakers who want the world to be a fairer, safer place for women

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Hi! I’m Anj Handa, Founder of Inspiring Women Changemakers. I’ve worked in professional lobbying since 2003 but it was in 2014, when I led a high-profile campaign that my life really changed. On behalf of an asylum seeker, I pulled together a top legal team to build her case and led a Change.org petition which gathered 126,500 signatures and the interest of global media, MPs and influencers. Read more here.

I already had advantages – public policy and communications expertise, media training, and a broad network – but it was the wholehearted people, mostly women, who generously offered their skills and connections that made it possible to make an impact on such a massive scale.

My mission is to give other changemakers the communications skills, connections and launchpad to campaign effectively, with the help that they need. That’s where Inspiring Women Changemakers comes in. We support each other in making the world become a safer, fairer place for women, tackling deep, serious issues yet we still have fun. If we sound like your kind of people,  join us.

We give you the skills, connections and launchpad to make change

“We’re not faffing about here!” IWC member, Minoti Parikh

Our Mission

We want women to have fairer opportunities in the workplace, and to be safe from harm at home and in society.

At all levels, women still experience disproportionate inequalities in jobs, pay, health, education, and access to finance, even though, ironically, they usually have the responsibility for the bulk of caring and household decisions.

If other layers are added, such as race, disability, age, or sexual orientation, women from minority groups face even greater challenges.

When women thrive, we all do. Join us.

For Changemakers

We’re an inclusive community of people who want to see the world become a safer, fairer place for women, wherever they live and whatever they do.

Incredible people like you join IWC to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge. We’ve seen that when we work together and speak up about the policy and social issues that hold women back, we don’t just amplify our own voices, we advocate for those whose voices are rarely heard.

We’ll make introductions, help to build your campaign, and share funding and other opportunities with you. Join us!

For Inclusive Organisations

We love to work with values-led organisations. We help you build and communicate effective social impact and inclusion initiatives, putting the right strategies, policies, and procedures in place so that you can continue by yourselves.

Through consultancy, facilitation and training, we give your team the tools, techniques, and strategies to become highly effective leaders in a global economy.

Learn more about how we can help you in three key areas: Social Impact and Governance, Diversity and Inclusion, and Effective Communication.

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